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Video that's been created with Universal Capture will automatically become connected to your Echo360 account and will be sharable in many ways. The following is a popular method within Sakai.

Create a new Lessons page

The Lessons tool is a popular solution to creating online content within Sakai and can display embedded video very effectively. For information about enabling the Lessons tool, see Add tools to my site

Click Add Content

Click Add Content and then Add Text.

Add content.png

Click the Embed Echo360 Media.png Embed Echo360 Media button

Clicking the Embed Echo360 Media button within the text editor's options will allow you to begin uploading your video.

Click echo360 button.png

Click Choose From My Home

Choose from my home.png

Click the video that you'd like to share

Click video.png

Click Insert

This step will create an embed from for your video. If you'd like to optionally modify the size of the video embed, other options are available in the Size menu.

Note that the default settings are for autoplay and automute to be "off" indicated by the white circle on the slider. Shifting those to the "on" position will turn the dot blue. Autoplay when "on" (blue dot) will play the video as soon as it appears on the screen, when white and "off" a play button will appear for the viewer to select. Automute when "On" (blue dot) means that the audio will not play, even if the the video is playing.

Click Insert.png

Click Save

Click the Save button to complete the video embed and allow your students to view the video in Lessons.


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