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2. Download the '''Echo 360 app''' from your phone’s app store.
2. Download the '''Echo 360 app''' from your phone’s app store.

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On your mobile device you will need to create a video, and then in order to upload it to Echo360 you will need to download the Echo 360 app. To complete this process, follow the steps below:

1. Create a video you want to upload to Sakai using your phone’s camera.

2. Download the Echo 360 app from your phone’s app store.


3. Use your Brock email and password to log into the app.


4. Once logged in you should see a list of your past courses on the homepage. Select the three lines in the top left hand corner of the page to open the menu and select Upload Video.


5. Videos stored on your phone should appear in this next window. Find the video you want to upload and click on it.

6. Select START UPLOAD at the bottom of the video.


7. On the next page you will see the progress of your video’s upload process, once it says UPLOAD SUCCESSFUL you are good to move to your computer. Note: the mobile Sakai site does not currently support the upload of video content, therefore the rest of these steps must be completed from a computer.


To complete the remainder of the process you need to move to your computer, log into Sakai, navigate to the location where you would like to upload the video and select the video that should now be waiting for you from your mobile device.

8. Log into Sakai from your computer and navigate to the site and tool (e.g., Lessons, Forums, Assignments) where you would like to upload the video.

9. Depending on which tool you are adding the video to, the next step will look slightly different. For Lessons select the ‘Add Content +’ button on the top of the page. In the dropdown menu select ‘Add Text’.


10. For Forums, once you are in the Forum you would like to add the video to, select the ‘Start a New Conversation’ tab on the top of the page.


11. For Assignments, select ‘Edit’ on the assignment you want to add the video to.


12. In all three tools (Lessons, Forums, and Assignments) the next steps look the same. In the text editor select the blue button (it looks like a backwards play button) to open the Echo360 tool.


13. In the new window make sure you are on the Choose From My Home tab and your video should appear in the list of videos here. You can also search by the title of the video.


14. Once you’ve found your video click on it and click Insert.


15. The frame of the video will appear in the text editor, proceed to edit the rest of the post as needed and when you’re done, click Save at the bottom of the page.


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