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There are three types of events or meetings:

  • Open meetings
  • Single slot meetings
  • Multiple slot meetings

Note: All meeting types can be set up as recurring events, which creates several different meetings under the same title according to a given schedule. See Create a meeting for information on the meeting frequency setting.

Open meetings.

Open meetings..png

This option creates a single timeslot for an event or meeting, serving as an announcement. No attendance list is kept, so participants who plan to attend are not required to sign up.

Single slot.

Single slot..png

A single timeslot is created, an attendance list is maintained, and the number of participants can be limited or unlimited. Participants are required to sign up in order to appear on the attendance list.

Multiple slots.

Multiple slots..png

A single time span can be divided into any number of timeslots of equal length, under a single meeting name. For example, a two hour meeting could have four half-hour slots, three 40-minute slots, or eight quarter-hour slots. The timeslots can also be defined at irregular times over different days. For each slot a maximum number of participants is specified. Participants are required to sign up in order to appear on the attendance list. The resulting series of timeslots can be removed or modified individually. (This option does not automatically set up a recurring meeting.)

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