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Visit the Assignments tool.

Select Assignments.png

Select the Assignments tool from the Tools Menu in your site.

Click on the title of the assignment

Click on the title of the assignment.png

You will a list of all assignments in the site. The following information will be displayed for each assignment.

  1. Assignment title, or name of the assignment.
  2. Status (i.e. Not Started, Assignment submission required, Returned, etc.).
  3. Open date when the assignment becomes available to students.
  4. Due date, or deadline to turn in the assignment.

Select the assignment you want to submit by clicking on the title of the assignment in the list.

Enter and/or attach your assignment

Enter your assignment.png

Depending on the assignment settings, you may be allowed to enter your submission in-line and/or attach a file or files.

  1. Enter your submission text into the Assignment Text area using the Rich Text Editor.
  2. Under Attachments, click the Choose File button to browse for an select a file to upload from your computer. (Alternately, you may also click the or select files from workspace or site button to select a file you have already uploaded.)

Submit your assignment

Submit your assignment.png

When you are ready to turn in your assignment, click the Submit button to complete your assignment submission.

Tip: If you are not yet ready to submit, you may click Preview to preview the submission, or Save Draft to save your submission and submit it later. Click Cancel to exit the assignment without saving or submitting.

View your submission confirmation

Submission confirmation.png

More questions about the Assignments tool?

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