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Teams Recording

Any Teams meeting or call can be recorded to capture audio, video, and screen sharing activity. All recordings saved to MS Stream.

Who Can Record

Organizers and Presenters. See MS Teams Meetings and Roles The default setting for Teams meetings is that all invited are in the Presenter role. Guests cannot view or start or stop a recording.

Making recordings available

Scheduling meetings using Teams channels ensures that all members will have access to recordings even if they did not participate in the session.

Any enrolments after the meeting has been recorded will not be able to access the recording but a link to the recording can be shared (see Sharing below).

Teams Recording Complete

Once you have stopped recording your session in Teams the file is sent for processing and is uploaded to Microsoft Stream (this can take several minutes so don’t be alarmed if you aren’t notified right away).

Considering recording in Teams

Recordings in Teams will capture everything, organizer and attendee alike. If the instructor wants to record and not catch students video they will need to ask them to turn off their cameras.

Why you may want to record Why you may not want to record
Flexibility for students and their schedules Digital privacy concerns
Flipped classrooms where you can present information for discussions Video and sound recorded on students computers (you may ask them to turn them off)
Asynchronous learning Concerns about Intellectual Property
Reflections on teaching Digital Resources
Providing study aids Lacks interactivity
Accessibility or Accommodations

You may want to include a statement of recording; a notice of video recording and sharing.

Link to Recording in Chat.

Once processing is complete you can find the recording in two different areas. The first area is to navigate to the Chat channel of that particular meeting where a link to the recording will be located. Click on the ellipsis (...) in the top right corner of the video and select Open in Microsoft Stream. You can also go to the recording directly in Stream.

Stream ellipsis.png

Accessing the Recording in Stream

The video will be available in MS Teams as either part of the meeting chat or the Channel chat (as illustrated above). You will also receive an email about it and it is accessible via the Stream app in your Office 365 space.


Link to Recording in Email. .png

Stream app access:

Outlook waffle apps.jpg
O365 apps.jpg
Stream landing page and my content.jpg

Stream Settings: Owners and who can view

Settings in Stream can be accessed through the 'more options' three dots under the video.

Stream more options only.jpg

Stream permissions (owner/view) settings is accessible through 'More Options' > Update Details.

Stream update video details.jpg

Permissions are in the centre panel where you can also see who viewed the video.

Stream video details.jpg

Who viewed the video:

Stream who watched the video.jpg

Stream Settings: Sharing links and embed links

    • Note Sakai will not allow embed codes in the Resources tool but it can work in Lessons or other Sakai tools.
    • Note that links to Stream are not public links and cannot be shared outside of the Brock authentication system.

How to get to the Share options

Stream share video 1step.jpg

Stream link to share

Stream Share link.jpg

Stream link to email

Stream email.jpg

Stream embed codes

Stream embed code.jpg

How to delete a recording

    • Note that the recording notification will persist in the Teams Channel or meeting space as a notification but it will not be accessible to any members or students.

Stream share video howtodelete.jpg

Looking for how to upload your Teams recording to Sakai?

Here is an article that can help with uploading instructions for Teams recordings: Upload your Teams recording to Sakai

Brock ITS FAQ page for Stream

ITS FAQ page for Stream

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