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Teams recording complete!

Once you've stopped recording your meeting within Teams, a video file is prepared for you and participants and will become available from the Teams site shortly. You may wish to return later to allow the video to be fully prepared.

Log into Teams

Access Teams through your Internet browser, or open your Microsoft Teams desktop app. More information about how to access Teams through your Internet browser is available in the Where is Teams? page.

Click upon your class

A list of your courses will become available to you after clicking Teams. Click upon the tile associated with a course to enter its Teams space.

Click on your Teams site.png

Open the Files area

Once processing is complete, the video will become available to you and members of the Teams site via the Files area.

Open Files.png

Open Recordings and View Only

Open Recordings.png
Open View Only.png

Locate and Download the recording

Teams will title the recording based on the meeting during which it was recorded. Locate the recording and click Ellipsis icon.jpg.

Locate the recording.png

Click Download to begin downloading to your computer.

Click Download to download recording.png

Upload the video to Sakai

Once the recording is downloaded to your computer, it can be uploaded to Sakai through the Echo360 tool found in the text box editor in tools like

In Lessons, click Add Content

Click Add Content and then Add Text.

Add content.png

Click the Embed Echo360 Media.png Embed Echo360 Media button

Clicking the Embed Echo360 Media button within the text editor's options will allow you to begin uploading your video.

Click echo360 button.png

Open the Upload Existing Media tab

Open the Upload Existing Media tab.png

Switch to the Upload Existing Media tab.

Click the Select Media button

Click the Select Media button.png

Upload a video file

Select a file from your computer.png
  • Drag the Stream recording file into the Select Files to Upload area;
  • or click Select Files to Upload to search your computer for the Stream video recording you'd like to upload.

Click Insert

Click Insert.png

This step will create an embedded frame for your video. If you'd like to optionally modify the size of the video embed, other options are available in the Size menu.

Click Save

Click the Save button to complete the video embed.


Video will be Processed

Video will be processed.png

Likely at this point you will see a Not Yet Ready screen, once the video fully processes (this can take minutes so you are free to go to other places on the Sakai site) your video will appear and is ready for your students to view.

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