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[[File:Echo360 login.jpg|frame|centre]]
[[File:Echo360 login.jpg|frame|centre]]
[[File:Echo360 Login.jpg|frame|center]]
[[File:Echo360 Login.jpg|frame|center]]
If the video is already in your Library [[Use_an_echo360_link_to_embed_video#Once_it_is_uploaded_in_captures:_Select_the_video_file_and_.27Share.27|select the video and skip to the process of sharing the video]], otherwise proceed to [[Use_an_echo360_link_to_embed_video#Select_.27Captures.27_and_then_.27Upload.27|upload the video]].
==Select 'Captures' and then 'Upload'==
==Select 'Captures' and then 'Upload'==

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These instructions are appropriate both for instructors and students using echo360 to embed video in Sakai.

Create a video on your device

Three options below are:

Create a video using PowerPoint

Create video with the Universal Capture application

Share video from my phone

Go to echo360.com

Login with your Brock email address.

Echo360 login.jpg
Echo360 Login.jpg

If the video is already in your Library select the video and skip to the process of sharing the video, otherwise proceed to upload the video.

Select 'Captures' and then 'Upload'

Echo360 captures and upload.jpg

Upload a video file

Select a file from your computer.png
  • Drag a video file into the Select Files to Upload area;
  • or click Select Files to Upload to search your computer for the video file you'd like to submit.

Once it is uploaded in captures: Select the video file and 'Share'

Echo360 share video.jpg

Copy the link

Echo360 add link.jpg

For Students: Go to Sakai and add the embed code

Select the site and Assignment where you will upload your video.

Textbox submission.jpg

Select "Source" in the top left corner of the textbox and paste the embed code

Select source and paste.jpg

Then select source again and an "iframe" that is a red outline of a box should appear. Type underneath the iframe and select submit.

Select source and type.jpg

Successful submission

Successful video assignment submission2.jpg

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