What are External Tools?

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External tools are supplementary to the list of internal tools (e.g., Lessons, Announcements, Assignments, etc.) that can be added to your Sakai site. To add an external tool to your site follow these steps.

TurningPoint Clickers

TurningPoint Clickers is an integration with Turning Technologies clickers. It allows students to easily create a Turning Technologies account and connect their hardware or software clicker information with the account. Instructors can then retrieve this information via the TurningPoint 8 local client.

Course Readings

Course Readings is Brock University Library's Course Readings tool powered by ARES.



Etherpad is a collaborative text-only document that can be edited in real-time by anyone with access to it.

Order Textbooks

Order Textbooks automatically forwards your students to the appropriate Campus Store resources for your course. This includes textbooks, course packs, lab equipment, etc. Please note that these resources will still need to be communicated to the Campus Store as per the normal Course Adoptions process before they are available in this tool.


Piazza is a third-party forum tool that can be integrated into course sites to manage student Q&A. There may be associated costs for adoption.

Top Hat

Top Hat is a teaching response platform that helps professors engage their students inside and outside the classroom. It is a software based "Clicker" and digital distribution platform which students access via their existing personal devices (e.g., phones, tablets, laptops, etc.).


This tool can be used to upload and share video files. It is powered by Echo360, a video platform CPI has contracted to host private video. To learn more about the videos on Sakai click.

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