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Crowdmark is a tool that has been integrated into Sakai to add a digital workflow to hand-written assignments.

Instructors can create Crowdmark courses based on their active Sakai courses, then create assignments that require scientific, mathematical or musical notation in the response, or provide an artifact to be labelled. Crowdmark allows for easy distribution and collection of student work, offers tools for the assembly and management of grading teams, and provides an online workflow that streamlines grading and the delivery of rich feedback to students.

Members of the Brock University community can now access Crowdmark at https://app.crowdmark.com/sign-in/brock-university or by visiting the main Crowdmark web page and selecting "Sign In" (top right) and then select "Sign In through your school" "Brock University (bottom), and follow the prompts.

To get a quick sense of what Crowdmark can do and how it does it please view this short 2 minute YouTube Crowdmark video.

Students and Instructors can access Crowdmark at https://crowdmark.com/

Information Crowdmark for Instructors

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