What is echo360?

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Echo360 is a confidential video streaming and sharing platform available to the Brock Community. It helps us ensure that storage resources in Sakai are managed efficiently and effectively within manageable limits.

Video and PowerPoint files with narration can be very large file sizes, echo360 allows Brock users to stream video from Sakai rather than download before viewing. Uploading and streaming video in echo360 is useful for storage and file size issues and may be especially critical for users with bandwidth and data constraints.

Content that you add to echo360 remains connected with your account and will continue to be available to you for future projects or courses.

Echo360 can be accessed through Sakai by identifying this icon anywhere where there is a textbox in Sakai (Announcements, Assignments, Forums, Lessons (Add Content>Add Text)):

Echo360 icon.jpg
Textbox echo360icon.jpg

Do I have an echo360 account?

Instructors are strongly encouraged to access echo360 for the first time through Sakai. It is as simple as clicking on the echo360 icon and agreeing to the privacy statement. Your account will be automatically created for you through the Brock Authentication system. Then you will have access to echo360.com in an instructor role.

Students will have accounts created if they are a part of a course that uses echo360 or they can go directly to echo360.com and create an account with their Brock email.

ech0360 webpage

Echo360 login.jpg

Enter brock email.png
File Formats acceptable to upload to echo360

echo360 Universal Capture Demo

echo360 demo

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