What is the Forums Tool?

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What is the Forums Tool?

Select the Forums button

The Forums tool is a space for discussion, allowing instructors or site leaders to create an unlimited number of discussion forums, and is integrated closely with other tools such as Resources and Gradebook. Students, TAs and Instructors can post and reply to messages.

A Forum is a mandatory category or grouping for topics. Topics, which are created within forums, are where participants can post conversations. A Conversation is the thread of messages in which participants post their contributions. A conversation can be created by instructors or students inside of a topic.

Forums can be set-up for grading, moderation, specific dates for availability, be integrated into Lessons, and access Resources.

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This page is adapted from an equivalent Sakai Community help article.

The original Sakai Community help article, unedited, is available at https://sakai.screenstepslive.com/s/sakai_help

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