What is the Lessons tool?

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Lessons is a tool that allows an instructor to organize resources, activities, and media on a single page. You can have as many Lessons pages in your site as needed. With Lessons, instructors can organize the course by unit, module, week, topic, or any other grouping that makes sense for the site.

Each Lessons page can be customized to suit the needs of the lesson, including links to other site tools, conditional release of items and content, student content pages, LTI tools, and more.

Selecting the Lesson tool

Lessons are often renamed based on content and can appear a few different ways in the left side navigation bar. Below are some examples:

Example of Lessons on the left side navigation space named for their content
Lessons as links in the content area rather than the left side navigation space.
Lessons as an expandable menu in the left side navigation space.
Lessons as modules set up as buttons in the content space.

More questions about the Lessons tool?

More questions about the Lessons tool?

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